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Published Works


Coming soon: "The Ghostly Dumplings." Constellations.

"Marisa Goes to Heaven." Curio Cabinet Magazine, Issue III - "Paradise," October 2023.

"The Last Flour Truck." Quibble, Issue 11, August 2023.

"Elementary School." Friday Flash Fiction, August 3, 2023.

"Social Distancing." Alien Buddha Zine, Issue 53, pp. 60-68, August 2023.

"Receptionist." Bright Flash Literary Review, July 5, 2023.

"The Reunion." Trash to Treasure Lit, June 2023.

"Harmony's Nails." Scribes*MICRO*Fiction, Issue 30, June 2023.

"Towing Service." Friday Flash Fiction, May 19, 2023.

"Your Local Pharmacy." Friday Flash Fiction, April 28, 2023.

"The Waiter." Spirits Arts and Literary Magazine, Vol. 36, pp.86-88, April 2023.

"The Stairway." 10 By 10 Flash Fiction, Issue 8, pp. 20-21, April 2023.

"Unit No. 2." Quibble, Issue 9, March 2023.

"Lyfting Downtown." Paragraph Planet, January 22, 2023.

"Line Cook." Loft, Issue IV, pp. 110-111, January 2023.

"Wrong Passenger." Trash to Treasure Lit, November 2022.

"A Cashier in 2020." Unstamatic Magazine, November 2022.

"This Happened in Vegas." Short Fiction Break, July 2017.

"Memorial Day and Other Stories." Self-published, 2017.

"The Old Woman on the Bus." Fiction Hub, October 2016.

"The Night Before the End of the World." Fiction Hub, September 2016.


"Love Poem for a Submission Call." The Alien Buddha Loves You (anthology), pp. 29-30, November 2023.

"Oakland Arena." Boats Against the Current, October 2023.

"To the Girls Who Enjoyed the Hand Motions." Boats Against the Current, October 2023.

"Overgrown." Wild Roof Journal, Issue 21, July 2023.

"After the Storm." The Viridian Door, Issue 3, p. 15, June 2023.

"Lost in the Everglades: or, How Life Feels to Me." All Existing Literary Magazine, Issue 1, June 2023.

"Night and Day." All Existing Literary Magazine, Issue 1, June 2023.

"Ephemeral the Brush Strokes." Visual Verse, Vol. 10. Ch. 7, May 2023.

"Winter Ivy." Curio Cabinet Magazine, Issue II - "Wonder," p. 87, May 2023.


"East Bay Spring." Curio Cabinet Magazine, Issue II - "Wonder," p. 86, May 2023.

"Recession." Paddler Press, Vol. 8 - "History," p. 46, April 2023.

"Redding." Paddler Press, Vol. 8 - "History," pp. 46-47, April 2023.

"Ukiah." Paddler Press, Vol. 8 - "History," pp. 47-49, April 2023.

"Small Mug." Boats Against the Current, April 2023.

"If Darkness Could." Visual Verse, Vol. 10, Ch. 5, March 2023.

"Password Poem." Streetcake Magazine, Issue 83, p. 23, March 2023.

"Mood." The Viridian Door, Issue 2, p. 54, February 2023.

"The Internet." Greasse Magazine, February 2023.

"Six Flags." Greasse Magazine, February 2023.

"You Have To." The Moving Force Journal, Issue 6, p. 23, 2022. 

Creative Non-Fiction

"Socorro." Five Minutes, November 2023.

"Review of a Carnival Cruise to Ensenada: A Soliloquy of Madness and Buffets." Bullshit.IST, September 2016.

"LeBron James: Why He Can't Be Compared to Michael Jordan." Bleacher Report, October 2013.

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